Services and technology

We make, give and mount metallic structures.

Miller Building International

We are a company with over 60 years of experience and expertise in the various branches of our business.

We design, build and deliver metal buildings mounted anywhere for industrial warehouses, logistics centres, storage deposits, storage cells, cold storage plants, supermarkets, aircraft hangars, service stations, etc.

  • We possess a Project department with engineers, architects and technical personnel capable of transforming into steel the ideas of our clients.
  • The area of Production relies on the means to elaborate them in the shortest period of the market safely and excellence.
  • Our Department of Montage is provided with qualified and experienced Technical personnel.
  • With auxiliary ways of last generation that guarantee the safety of the mounting blocks.
  • We have a technological advancement in line with current market demands.
  • We offer technical capability and commercial honesty.
  • Total flexibility in the design process.
  • Faster construction process compared to traditional systems.
  • Multiple technical approaches to reduce costs to the maximum.
  • Buildings with minimal maintenance needs.
  • Appropriate structural systems for each project.
  • Roofing systems without perforations (Standing Seam Roff).
  • The best available system in the world.
  • Design and manufacture under ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.

In sum, a Planning and careful Execution that they redound to limited period and maximum quality.